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Trigger Stun Gun

When you think of defending yourself, many ideas can come to mind, from Pepper Spray to Tasers, but one that is widely accepted and a top choice are stun guns. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but all do essentially the same thing. They send a large amount of electricity into your attacker and incapacitate him or her long enough for you to get away.

The Trigger Stun Gun is a great choice for you to defend yourself. It is an 18,000,000-volt rechargeable stun gun that will disable any attacker for several minutes allowing you to get away. It comes with a 100 lumen flashlight built in and will light up your path on a dark night. The nice thing about it being rechargeable is that the prongs are built in to the unit. No power cords to get lost or carry. All you have to do is plug the unit into a wall socket and in a short time you will be fully charged.

Imagine yourself walking towards your car and it is late at night. This happened by no fault of your own, you just simply found yourself working later that expected for a big project and everyone else had already gone. As you walk towards your car, the lights of the parking garage go out. You realize you are much later that you had first thought, but fear not, you take out your Trigger Stun Gun and turn on the flashlight. Your surroundings are now lit up really well and you continue to proceed to your car. As you get a little closer, you hear a noise coming from a corner and you immediately go into defense mode. As you continue to walk forward a person dressed in dark close begins to approach you. With a quick pull of the Trigger, your stun gun comes to life and lets your attacker know your intentions. As in most situations the sound of the 18 million volts arching convinces your would be attacker to leave.

The Trigger Stun Gun comes in 6 different colors which are Black, Pink, Purple, Green, Red and Blue. It also comes in a Zebra pattern for those looking for something different. Each Trigger Stun Gun is 4 5/8” X 1 ¾” X 7/8”. The stun gun will hold its charge for 3 months depending on its usage and also comes with a safety pin strap that will disable the Stun gun if is it pulled out.

The Trigger Stun Gun comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a perfect choice when you are looking for protection that will only disable your attacker long enough to get away. Don’t worry, they will not forget how painful it was and will think twice before attacking your again.

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