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Stun Batons

Stun Batons for sale

Stun Master is one of the most reputable brands of stun products available. All their items come with a good guarantee. Besides, they are solid and reliable.

The size is one of the main advantages of Stun Batons. They are small, thus fitting inside most small bags and purses. This makes them the perfect choice for women and men alike. You can keep them at hand in your car or in your home. Security guards and bouncers are big fans of these batons, due to their long reach and great stopping power. They can be used on various occasions such as checking the truck tires before hitting the road. They can be used by night time as well, as they feature a flashlight. Drivers can use the light while having their defense weapon with them at all times.

Stun Batons for sale aren't lethal. Yet, they should be used for self-defense purposes only. It's good to avoid discharging them if you aren't in imminent danger. Being a contact weapon, the baton needs to touch your attacker when you activate it. The metal prongs should be in contact with the aggressor's body in order for the shock to be applied properly. You have to know that a longer contact would produce a more intense effect. A short one would only cause confusion and a mild degree of pain.

When maintaining the contact for longer, you can cause the offender to lose control of his muscles. Many of them fall to their knees as a consequence. This should be enough for you to be able to run away. This is the point of a self-defense weapon, the reason for using it in the first place. you just want to escape the danger, and not to see what effects your action has caused on the attacker. This is why you shouldn't stick around to see whether the guy can still move. Just go away and be thankful to your Stun Master Stun Baton for saving your life. This is actually an excellent tool to travel with, as it can give you the peace of mind of being safe wherever you go.

The Stun Baton for sale is very safe, thanks to a special feature that makes it impossible for an attacker to grab it from your hand. The whole top 6 inches of the device would cause a shock to anyone trying to touch it. In addition, the device is rechargeable, so you won't have to spend a lot of money on expensive batteries to have it ready to operate. Your pay as a security guard isn't as big as to ignore such aspects. The 800,000 volts this weapon packs should be enough to stop even the most stubborn intruders. Last but not least, the flashing strobe, the flashlight and the 120 decibel alarm are all features meant to increase your security, should you need it.

Like all other stun devices, the Stun Master Stun Baton is a very effective tool for keeping intruders and attackers away, without killing them. The effects of a stun shock last for only 20-30 minutes, so you don't risk to cause permanent or lethal injuries to the aggressor. This is a much better protection than the one offered by firearms.

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