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 Pink stun guns for women

As a woman looking for a great non-lethal, self-defense weapon that you can use to protect yourself against muggers or rapists, then consider purchasing a stun gun. Long gone are the days when women had to rely on the traditional masculine-style black and bulky self-defense stun weapons men carry around and use. Among the stun gun options available for women, there are many different models you can choose from, and Pink is what you need to go for.

High Voltage

The most vital thing when it comes to stun guns for women is quite obviously the gun’s performance. It is important that the gun works when being used during life-threatening situations. The good thing though is that there are some pink stun guns for women that are able to generate relatively high voltages – even as much as 20,000,000 volts – that can penetrate any attacker’s resistance and deliver the 3-4.5 milliamps required to down the assailant.

Small Size

Women’s hands are much smaller than those of men; as such, stun guns and devices that have been designed for men tend to be hard for women to handle. The great thing about getting a stun gun designed for women is that most of them are much smaller, making it easier for them to be grasped. Most stun devices are manufactured using rubberized materials that a more effective non-slip grip.

Color Options

For most people, the first image that comes to their mind when they think about stun guns is a self-defense device that’s black in color. However, long gone are the days when women were limited to this color only. Stun guns for women are now available in a variety of colors including more feminine ones like purple and pink. However, don’t such feminine colors fool you. A stun gun being pink does not mean that it will be any less effective when it comes to disabling a large assailant, giving you the chance to flee to safety and get help.

Lipstick and Cell Phone Stun Guns 

Some modern stun guns designed for women do not even like stun guns but are disguised as common items women carry in their purses all the time. For example, there are stun guns that are designed to look like lipsticks or cell phones but which are extremely powerful high-voltage stun devices that an assailant could easily pass off, giving women an upper hand when it comes to fighting off attacks.


Some people wonder if self-defense stun guns and weapons designed for women are safe. The great thing is that pink stun guns for women as all stun guns, have safety features to prevent against accidental discharges and most models have a safety on and off switch. Some even have a disable pin that is attached to a wrist strap that is worn around the wrist. If an attacker manages to take the gun way, then the pin is pulled, disabling the device. This way, the attacker cannot use the gun against the victim.

Stun guns are extremely effective non-lethal self-defense weapons that anyone can carry around and use to save themselves when faced with a life-threatening situation. The traditional stun gun design may be what kept from getting one of these devices. However, newer designs now offer more choices to choose from including lipstick and cell phone models that are as powerful as other self-protection devices. With stun guns for women, you can now walk any street knowing that you have effective protection.

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