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A stun gun is an electroshock weapon which uses an electric shock which is administered via direct contact to incapacitate an individual. The Stun Master lipstick stun gun is a very unique weapon being as it is disguised as your common ordinary lipstick and yet it is a very effective weapon.

Many women who feel they must protect themselves yet are not comfortable with the idea of carrying a regular weapon are choosing to carry a stun device. It is becoming more and more apparent in the female society that the need for self-defense is there and women are taking this very seriously they are even finding fashionable ways in which to carry these self-defense weapons and the lipstick stun gun is quite stylish.

This easy to carry and inconspicuous device is quite convenient for a woman looking to protect herself. We are all aware of the crime statistics and know that it is all around us, that being said it is very important to never be caught without a self-defense weapon which could literally mean the difference between life and death.

This device is the smallest device available in this market, it looks just like a lipstick tube which is easy to carry and hide in your purse. It is only five inches long so not only would it fit in your purse but also your pocket and its element of surprise is unmistakable. Although small in size it is quite powerful and can easily deter an attacker.

This stun gun will definitely provide an edge over any attacker. This particular stun gun is 5” X 1” and includes a 3-million-volt output of power and can be powered up by a rechargeable battery which is built in and the integrated charger is included. There are two buttons under the cap one powers the flashlight and the other the stun device.

A Stun Master Lipstick stun gun is a hand held, non-lethal form of defense which emits a strong electrical charge on an attacker, if applied for three to five seconds it will cause an attacker to be disabled for at least five minutes if not more. The way it works is that by applying this electrical shock on an attacker their muscular system is overworked, all the blood sugar which is necessary for energy is drained which causes the assailant to become weak and not able to do anything at all.

A stun device has to be directly applied to an attacker in order to affect their body, when the device is applied on an attacker there are sounds that accompany it , this is because of the electrical charge. When the stun gun is charged electrical currents go back and forth between the probes which are located on the end of the stun gun. This creates an electric show which can be kind of scary especially when accompanied by the noises it emits. This in itself is enough to ward off an attacker before you even have to use the stun gun directly on them.

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