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Li'l Guy

Has anyone ever come up from behind you and then tapped you on your shoulder? Your thoughts were completely somewhere else and your eyes focused on whatever was in front of you, so it startled you and you jumped slightly.

Your reaction time is extended when you are startled. It might take a few seconds for you to recognize the individual and acknowledge that the person is not a threat to you. At the very same time, that instant rush of adrenaline that you experience starts to subside.

In a situation that is non-threatening, you almost instantly return to your normal state. However, during a crisis, whether you are the aggressor or victim, your reaction time gets extended.

That is why it can be a good idea to carry a small stun gun with you for self-defense purposes. Having a small stun gun with you can help you with achieving that element of surprise that you need when defending yourself. Some new stun devices are only about half as large as a cell phone, which makes it easy for you to hide it inside the palm of your hand before it is needed. However, don't be fooled by its small size. Some of the devices, such as Stun Master's Lil' Guy rechargeable stun gun, provides stopping power of more than 12 million volts.

When you can carry the device inside the palm of your hand it provides you with an advantage if someone attempts to assault you.

Picture this: You are just leaving the mall and head out to your car. You're all alone, and have developed the good habit of keeping your small stun gun on your person and ready to go. Somebody grabs you from behind when you are a couple feet away from your car. You touch your assailant's hand with your stun gun, just enough so that it startles him and causes him to let go. As his mind is attempting to process what has just happened to him, you spin around and use your stun gun once again, to deliver a longer second jolt to your assailant's body. This time he is disabled temporarily in addition to being surprised. He loses muscle control and falls down to his knees. You know this is just a temporary situation, but it provides you with enough time for you to escape from the attacker and reach safety.

There are a couple of key factors in order for this situation to end successfully. First of all, it is absolutely critical for you to be completely aware of what your surroundings are. Second of all, you need to be prepared to react. In a situation such as this, having an unarmed stun gun in your purse wouldn't have helped you. Finally, having the ability to utilize the element of surprise is something that can provide you with the upper hand so that you have extra time to protect yourself.

The Lil' Guy rechargeable stun gun is ideal if you have been searching for a powerful and compact small device.

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