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Cell Phone

There are very many types of non-lethal self-defense weapons but the specific weapon you choose will depend on your personal preference. You can find everything from steel batons to pepper sprays being advertised online. A very good choice for self-defense is the cell phone stun gun online.

The stun guns are easy to conceal, easy to carry and they pack a real punch and look harmless in the eyes of the attacker meaning they will be caught off guard. You can carry it in a purse, on the belt or any other place you prefer. It is hard to notice nowadays a person carrying the gun since almost everyone carries them.

Your attacker will be shocked to find out that your harmless camera cell phone is a non-lethal weapon. He or she will be worried about a knife, gun or anything threatening. A cell phone is not a weapon any attacker will fear. It is the size of a regular cell phone and you cannot even notice it in the palm of your hand.

The cell phone stun gun works like any other stun gun. All you have to do is to press the end of the weapon against any attacker’s body, pull the trigger and it will apply a high voltage, low amperage charge to the attacker. This shock will incapacitate the attacker temporarily. The attacker will experience some pain and can be paralyzed temporarily.

Once the attacker is immobilized it is time to make your getaway. The main reason why we use a non-lethal weapon is to stop any attack and get out of harm's way. Whether your weapon is a personal alarm, pepper spray or steel baton you have to always run away after the attack if it is possible. You have to remember that the attacker may be immobilized temporarily.

These effective non-lethal weapons can be found in several sizes, styles and prices just like any other model of a stun gun. Some of the stun guns operate on batteries while others like the rechargeable Pretender 4.5 million volt cell phone stun guns are rechargeable. The Pretender comes in black or pink. It has a 6 LED built-in flashlight and comes with a charger and holster.

The latest edition we have is the ST-CELL which puts 4.9 milliamps electrifying protection in the palm of your hand. It is almost impossible to recognize and easy to use. This is the smartphone stun gun customers have been asking for. Reach for your protection with confidence.

Whether you have it in your pocket or purse, nobody will think twice when you pull this device during dangerous encounters. Another feature also includes an 80 Lumen LED flashlight to shine light during inconvenient moments.

They measure 5 half by 2 and three-quarter with a thickness of just a half of an inch. To reveal the stunning nature of this smartphone you need to do a close inspection. This includes a protective carrying case and a wall charger.

Why should you buy a cell phone stun gun online? Because they are easy to carry, easy to conceal, they are reasonably priced, they look harmless and they are also very effective. Another reason why you need to carry them is that they just look cool.

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