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Audio Recorders

Digital telephone and voice recorders with mp3 playback functions use the latest technology to record telephone and room conversations. There are numerous reasons why you will need to record conversations. Digital audio recorders allow you to play, replay and record over any previous recordings without degradation. The best quality digital recorders offer voice activation. This feature only records when sounds are present. This model allows you to record telephone conversations as well as room recordings. It can record for 864 hours in the long play mode. This unit is simple to use and provides high-quality recordings.

The Mini Telephone Recorder allows you to easily record telephone conversations. To use, simply plug the recorder into a telephone jack. It contains a built-in speaker and adjustable playback volume to make recording and playback a breeze. Because the recorder is small, you can discreetly place it next to your home or business phone, allowing you to record a telephone call without undue attention.

This device offers numerous features, including:

* Manual Recordings- To use this feature, simply press the record button to begin recording.

* Automatic Recordings- This feature begin recording as soon as you lift the receiver and the phone call begins.

* Record to SD cards- The recorder saves high-quality WAVs to your SD card.

* Playback- The recorder allows you to playback calls directly from the recorder or from your home computer.

* Hours of Recordings- An 8 GB SD card provides 560 hours’ worth of recordings.

* Time Stamps- Each call is time and date stamped to allow you to quickly find a recorded call.

* Overwrite Option- When the card becomes full, the recorder makes room by overwriting the earliest recorded telephone call.

The Mini Telephone Recorder Pro must be connected between the handset of your phone and the phone itself. It will not work if it is connected between the phone and the wall jack. This is because the signal must be converted from a digital signal to an analog signal. The handset option must be used on a digital phone line. Because of this, it cannot be easily hidden. Instead, it will be clearly visible to those who see you using your telephone.

Small audio recorders offer a great way to record conversations in a room as well as a telephone conversation. If you need a compact way to record high-quality conversations, look no further than a digital voice and telephone recorder with mp3 capabilities.

These devices are great choices for anyone who needs a little extra safety and security. As yourself, when was the last time to wished you had recorded the conversation that is now playing out differently than you remember?

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