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The coming of spring and summer brings with it more vehicles circulating the roads as well as many more individuals taking their bikes out for a spin. It is very important for a cyclist to have proper lighting on their bike. Many times it is a very pleasant thing to ride your bike in the evening especially when the weather is nice but just as a car must have safety lights a bicycle needs them as well. Many states have actually made safety lights on bicycles from dusk to dawn mandatory.

There are a large variety of bike safety lights LED available most of which come with a bracket which is attached to the bike's handlebars. Many bike safety lights include a release which allows the safety lights to be easily removed when they are not being used. This avoids it being stolen if left on during the daylight hours being as many times the bike may be parked and locked publicly.

Thanks to modern Light Emitting Diode (LED) technologies bike safety light, flashlights and basically any other LED product can be quite bright. If you are able to purchase a bright white LED light for yours and your family's bikes then you can rest assured that biking done in the evening or early mornings will be safe. Keep in mind that not only is this important for your safety but as mentioned above many states have actually made this mandatory.

It is also a great idea to protect the rear of your bike and fortunately you can also find many good taillights designed for bikes. Many time these taillights include more than one function; they can be put in blinking or flashing mode, be made bright red etc. Regardless of the extra functions adding taillights to your bike will provide more safety especially if you ride alongside of a road where heavy traffic can be expected.

Although we were always instructed when growing up to walk against traffic so we can see what is coming we have been taught to ride a bike with traffic so our direction is the same as the vehicles passing by. This makes having a taillight a great precautionary measure.

Regardless of whether you use your bike as a form of transportation, exercise or even just recreationally, being safe is important. It is crucial to have a well working and bright set of safety lights as well as a dependable tail light, this can be one of the smartest investments you can make toward safety and protection while riding your bike.

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