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Power Supplies & Batteries

Power supplies are a critical part of whatever you are trying to turn on. It might sound basic, but too many times I have seen someone try to power up a camera or something else and either use a power supply with too much juice or not enough. Both are issues and ultimately will cause problems for your equipment.

If for instance you have a camera from our site, which requires a 12-Volt power supply and place a 24-Volt power supply on it, you will most likely fry your camera and be left with nothing. I would strongly suggest that you take a minute and ensure you know what the required voltage is before you power anything up. Most camera require a 12-volt power supply and the cameras found here meet that.

In some instances, you may be looking for a battery power supply and we have just what you are looking for. The lithium pack power for 12 Volt cameras is a great alternative when you want to move your camera from location to location. It provides you with approximately 10 hours of power which can be enhanced if you use a camera with motion capabilities.

Another item to consider if you will be powering up multiple items would be a Multi-power supply which comes in 4, 9 and 16 position options,, thus allowing you to power multiple cameras through one box.

However, most times you are simply trying to power one item. Take a minute to review what we have below and you will mostly find what you are looking for.

And let’s not forget your Garret Metal detector. Each hand held detector holds a rechargeable battery and it would make sense to have a few extra already charged and ready to go.

Again if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us on our email and we would be happy answer your questions about your power supplies and battery needs.

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