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Pepper Spray Practice

Anytime an individual is presented with a threat to their own health or safety, their body will respond by sending adrenaline through the blood system. In addition, the flow of blood will be shifted away from arms, legs and feet and deposited in greater amounts within the torso area. This serves to protect key internal hormones from trauma and also works to stop excessive bleeding of the limbs should they sustain injury. This physiological phenomenon is why people who are experiencing stressful situations tend to have a cold sensation in the hands and feet.

Times of stress also produce a nearly instantaneous boost in an individual's heart rate. Typical heart rates for adults at rest tend to stay between 60 and 100. Once the pulse reaches 115, humans tend to experience a reduction in fine motor skills, meaning that they lose some of the muscle control necessary for accomplishing precise tasks with the hands. Fine motor skills of this type are essential for properly operating a pepper spray canister, and can thus prove critical in times of trouble.

Once the pulse reaches 145, complex motor skills begin to suffer. This encompasses the ability of an individual to use both gross and fine motor skills and achieve well-timed coordination of hands and eyes. For instance, a loss of complex motor skills can make it difficult to raise a pepper spray container to the appropriate level to reach the intended target.

In the absence of proper instruction or practice experience, the majority of individuals will attempt to fight their assailant or flee the scene. These options can be the difference between life and death. However, freezing in place can result in serious harm. Pepper spray practice can prepare you for when the moment comes,

How To Boost Your Odds Of Survival.

The best way to feel secure is to engage in training and significant amounts of practice. Most individuals who have pepper spray never anticipate using it in times when threats are absent. This should not be a surprise, since doing so would cause a release of Oleoresin Capsicum. With traditional key chain versions of pepper spray canisters, all that must be done is to hold the product upright and practice operating the lever. This develops essential muscle memory. In times of real stress, familiar movements are the easiest to make. Taking the time to practice in this way will increase your likelihood of reacting effectively if an attacker appears. Visit an area of open ground and operate the pepper spray canister as if it were an emergency situation. Make certain that you remain upwind. You will attain a real sense of confidence in your ability to respond to threats whenever they arise, because you will know exactly what to expect in terms of stream strength and achievable distance.

The best case is to obtain pepper spray practice canister that is water based and reusable. The nitrogen used to make these canisters helps approximate the true stream and reach of an actual pepper spray container, adding to utility of practice sessions like this.

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