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Pepper Guns

When talking about self-defense products, one of the more common things that I hear people say is that they don't want their attacker to be that close to them.

However, the real truth is that it isn't the victims who get to make this choice. The element of surprise is used by assailants, along with the cover of isolated areas and darkness to make their moves, and hopefully that you won't have enough time to react in an effective way.

However, if are aware of your surroundings, which is the most critical safety tip for you to follow, then you won’t be as likely to get caught off guard. Then you will have the chance to keep your attacker away from you. The Mace Pepper Spray Gun with Flashlight Strobe Distance Defense model is among the best self-defense products you can use for this.

Mace has been the defense sprays leader for a very long time and is a well-known household name. The most accurate self-defense non-lethal pepper spray that is available is the Mace Pepper Gun. It is perfect for distance defense and possesses the same accuracy and convenience that a point-and-shoot handgun design has. Its advanced delivery system allows you to use a powerful stream of OC pepper stray on attackers from as far away as 20 feet and from all angles. It is convenient size that makes it quite easy to keep in a holster or purse.

What makes this particular Mace Pepper Gun stand out from previous models is its new strobe LED feature. When you pull the trigger one time it activates an LED flashlight mode. It allows you to be able to see your target. The second time you pull the trigger it engages a pulsating LED strobe light.

If you've ever been inside a nightclub while the strobe light is being lit, you know that it can be very disorienting. It will much harder for your potential attacker to focus on you being his target when this pulsating blinding light starts to shine in his face.

In case that doesn't prevent the thug form coming after you, you can also spray him using the maximum strength Mace formula. The defense spray has an identifying UV dye as well that helps the police identify you your attacker is.

It is easy to reload Pepper Spray guns using pre-filled OC cartridges. A water cartridge can even be used so you can start practicing with it. This product, in my opinion, is a great non-lethal alternative rather than carrying a gun. Pepper spray is a proven and time tested self-defense method. Within a couple of seconds the effects start to set in, and last from 10 seconds to 4 minutes, which gives you plenty of time for getting away safely.

If you've been considering what kind of protection to purchase and haven't decided yet, stop thinking and take action. You can trust Mace. So get yourself a Mace Pepper gun with flashlight strobe. You will be able to breathe easy when you know you are armed with the protection you've been searching for.

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