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Outdoor & Animal Defense

Have you ever been strolling through your neighborhood park and stumbled upon a vicious looking dog posed to attack? Whether it did or not the feeling of fear was present I am sure. Maybe you are big on hiking or camping in the forest which is full of animals in their natural habitat which could mean they may have a home, young or food to protect and when doing so can be quite deadly in their attack. The above mentioned scenarios are just a couple of reasons why you should consider carrying animal repellent in the form of mace pepper spray.

Even if you love nature and absolutely adore animals you need some form of protection just in case you were to be attacked by a dog or worse yet a bear. Animals tear ducts are not designed the same way as humans, they are not able to flush their eyes as we are therefore mace animal repellents are specifically designed for animals.

This product is EPA approved and is specifically made to deter a dog, bear or any other animal which may try to attack you. This is the most humane way to protect yourself from animal attacks.

Very much like pepper spray designed for humans the animal version is not lethal and is just as easy to use as your standard human pepper spray. All you have to do is aim for the animal's face and spray.

There are of course as with anything precautions which should be taken so make sure that before you actually put yourself in a situation where you may need to protect yourself from an animal attack you are familiar and comfortable with using the animal repellent and know how to properly do so.

The pepper spray which is an absolute must for the outdoors man is the Bear Pepper Spray, do not ever confuse human pepper spray with Bear Pepper Spray which although they both contain the same active ingredient which is O.C. (Oleoresin Capsicum) they are not the same product.

Bear Pepper Spray must undergo and pass various EPA tests, this is to make sure that the pepper spray which may be used on animals is in fact humane, human pepper spray does not undergo EPA testing so using it on an animal could be cruel and cause unnecessary pain. All EPA approved pepper sprays have their size, strength and even spray distances and times regulated by the EPA in order to ensure that they properly work and do not cause unnecessary harm. This bear spray will cause a bear to be disabled long enough for you to get away due to the sever burning the bear will feel in its nose, eyes and mouth the effects will wear off and there will be no side effects to the bears health.

Pepper spray that is designed to ward off bears and dogs is designed specifically for these animals and in a way that will be the most effective if they were to become aggressive and attack you. These little canisters are ideal for cyclists, joggers, walkers, those in the delivery business, lovers of the great outdoors being as they provide protection against any attacks that could ensue.

There may never be the need to use it, you may never be attacked by a wild animal or vicious dog but it is best to have it on you just in case so never leave your home without your mace animal repellents.

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