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Jogging & Fitness

Running, Jogging or simply walking are great ways to exercise, but is a blink an eye everything can change with a simple assault by a stranger. The new is full of stories that will cause you to think twice about going outside, but fear not. There are plenty of choices to provide you protection. Mace for Runners is one of those choices.

Most of us probably remember the story of the Central Park Jogger. The brutality inflicted upon a young woman who was running in a popular, widely visited part of Manhattan is something that is hard to forget. At first, physicians treating the woman did not expect her to live or if she did survive, to escape serious, life-altering impairment. In the end, the jogger surpassed everyone's expectation, coming away with some mild vision, balance and memory loss.

It is unfortunately too common to become aware of terrible situations in which young, vibrant females are subjected to debilitating harm as a result of physical assault. The Central Park Jogger was in fact a highly successful Wall Street trader, but it too just a single criminal to derail her life forever.

Female joggers, especially those who exercise in isolate places, are almost always vulnerable to attacks, whether sexual or generally violent in nature. For those intending to do real harm, women of this type present an ideal target, as they often work out in areas where immediate assistance is unavailable and where there are many places to hide before and after an attack.

Perhaps you believe that you are immune to this type of violence and that it only happens to other people. The stark reality of the situation, however, is that you are likely mistaken. Research has suggested that a sexual assault occurs in the United States once every two minutes. The danger of rape is ever-present, and this is true regardless of the precautions you think you have taken to keep yourself safe. Jogging alone in a remote or sparsely-populated area is a time in which you must be prepared to take quick evasive and defensive action against would-be assailants.

The good news is that a solution does exist for joggers intent on heading out in the face of danger. If you plan to set out on the open roads, you can always carry pepper spray as a means to thwart attackers. Lightweight yet extremely powerful, pepper spray is available in convenient formats including that of a small, holstered canister. A short shot in the face of a wrongdoer is all it takes to buy sufficient time to flee toward safety and secure assistance. Or if you prefer, you can get a small compact Stun Gun like the Li’l Guy Stun gun.

MACE for Runners is a low-cost option that provides the ease of use and effectiveness necessary for those who find themselves alone in threatening situations. Because pepper spray is designed to be a defensive tool rather than an attack-oriented weapon, remember that once you use it to stop a criminal in his tracks, you need to quickly take evasive action and seek help. Having this type of assistance within arm's reach is truly invaluable.

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