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Voice Alert

A home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make in your life. The second largest investment you will probably make is a new car. When you purchase a home or a car, you immediately get insurance to help protect your investment. However, have you ever really thought about the number of car alarms versus the number of home alarms across the country? It doesn't make sense that people have alarms on their cars, but they do not have alarms on their largest investment- a home.

By the time you finish reading this article more than two burglaries will have occurred. In fact, property crime happens every 3 seconds and a home is burglarized every 15 seconds. Those are scary statistics, aren't they?

Alarms are a great way to deter crimes from occurring. In fact, police believe that alarms often deter a burglary attempt. When it comes to alarms, there are several choices, including home security monitoring systems. Alarms can be either wired or wireless, monitored or unmonitored, silent or noisy. Additionally, alarms can be installed on windows and doors and react whenever motion occurs. Signage is one of the most important aspects of a security system. These signs notify a potential criminal that your home or office is monitored for break-ins.

One type of security system is the voice alert system. This system uses your own voice to notify you of an intruder in or around your home. This security device is often used as a driveway alarm. It can also alert you in up to six locations around your home or office, such as a backyard, a fence, an outbuilding, etc.

The best security systems use wireless PIR sensors and transmitters along with a speaker base unit. This system is especially beneficial to those who wish to record their own alert message. PIR sensors are often used for driveways, child monitoring, home automation and pool safety.

The system sends a signal to the receiver. In fact, the signal can travel 300 feet through your walls or 1000 feet through open space. The following examples are how voice alert security systems can help notify you in the event of an emergency or break-in.

* The system can alert you when someone comes up your driveway.

* It can let you know when someone goes inside your storage shed.

* When an intruder approaches the front or back of your house, you will be notified.

* If someone enters your garage, you will be notified by the security system.

* If someone approaches your door or enters your parked car or boat, an alert will sound.

This type of system helps protect against accidental drowning by alerting you if anyone gets near your swimming pool, hot tub or water feature.

The security system is waterproof, wireless, affordable and easy to install.

Installing a voice alert security system is the first step in protecting you and your loved ones from intruders and other emergency situations, such as an accidental drowning. You owe it to yourself and your family to install a voice alert security system.

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