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Pool Alarms

Child by pool

In the United States, every year, more than 7,000 drownings occur which makes drowning the fourth leading cause of deaths that happen by accident. Approximately one third of these drowning deaths are children who are under the age of 14 years, and something so elementary and simple as a Pool Alarm could have gone a long way towards saving thousands of these lives each year.

The mechanics of a pool alarm is very straight forward and elementary. The alarm is a device that you place in the water and it floats on the surface. When the device detects motion of the water, it sounds an alarm that is audible and loud, meant to warn anyone who is nearby. A child can drown in the time that it takes to go and get a glass of water, thus one of these alarms should be made mandatory in every pool that is installed in the United States.

A smart pool alarm such as the Pool Protector will thoroughly analyze the water's surface, and will detect movements in the water that are so minute they are barely noticeable to the naked eye. Even if the child slips into the water, a mild wave motion is created, which the alarm will sense and immediately sound its piercing alarm.

You will also want to have a pool protection device that runs on batteries, since you would not want one where you would have to run an electrical cord to the device in the water. The device will have a low sounding alarm that will emit a sound when the battery needs to be changed.

The Pool Protector covers about 104 square feet of pool, which is roughly 32 square meters. If your pool is larger than that, you can purchase another device or as many as you need to cover any area. The alarm is clipped to the side of the pool and has a trunk, like an elephant's that extends into the water. You will need to monitor your water's level to be sure that it always allows for at least 4 inches of the "trunk" to be in the water. This device works well with pool skimmers as that is a different kind of water movement that the device is programmed to recognize without setting off the alarm.

There is a remote that goes with the alarm and it has a 100db level alarm that will sound when water movement is detected. It will work up to 300 feet away from the alarm. These alarms are not substitutes for proper supervision or lifeguards, as a child should never be left alone and unsupervised near a pool. You as the parent should never take your eyes off of your child, because there are many cases of children drowning when parents were nearby and were just not paying attention.

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