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Security Scanners

In the heightened security environment of today, handheld security scanners time and time again have proven that they are highly effective in the detection of contraband. All of us have seen them used at schools, airports, concerts, sporting events and numerous other public events. The accuracy and technology of these devices has improved, and the prices have dropped so that they are now affordable for just about everyone. There are some applications and uses of metal security scanners you might not have been aware of.

For many organizations it is very important to have the ability to detect whether or not concealed weapons are present. Whether it is keeping our sporting crowds, mail, parcels, airports, public officials, corporate events, clubs or schools safe, it has proven that these devices are excellent tools for security forces to use. The devices are available in various styles depending on what your specific need happens to be.

Adjustable detection sensitivity is a feature on some units that are less expensive. That makes it possible for users to adjust the required distance for detecting objects. Microprocessor circuitry is used by many units. It increases the device's sensitivity and eliminates the need for tuning the scanner. These handheld security scanners are able to detect objects as large as drugs wrapped inside foil, a box cutter or gun; or it could be an object as small as a 1-inch piece of jewelry. Many devices can also be used for non-security uses as well, like detecting nails in wood. There are even units that are used for detecting whether a child has swallowed a metal item or not. Some units have scraping blades that come with them. This makes it possible for them to be able to sort through soil in order to find metal objects. The units are water resistant as well which makes it possible for them to be used in the rain or cleaned under water. Many metal detectors come with flashlights as well. These features can be very valuable for security forces or police at the crime scene, either night or day.

Security scanners have various methods of alerting you to the fact that a metal object is present. Audible signals are employed by some units to alert you that metal is present, some vibrate, while others are silent and instead use LED lights. Numerous units have a detection area that is 360 degrees, which means that they can detect metal anyplace around the scanner's detecting end. There are several different ways that scanners may be powered. Some units use batteries that need to be replaced, while others utilize rechargeable battery kits.

There are various sizes that handheld security scanners come in. Depending on what the metal detectors intended use is, the metal detectors may be 9 inches long to 19 inches long. Longer units are more practical to detect metal in deep containers or bags or for scanning large packages.

Although we all dislike having to wait in order to get into an event we are attending, a majority of us would be happy to trade a small amount of extra time needed to enter in order to be confident that it will be safer after we go in. The increasing use of security scanners is a sign of the current times and is certain to become an even greater presence among us.

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