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Guard Alaska® Bear Repellent Spray


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Guard Alaska® Bear repellent spray is an ultra hot pepper spray proven in repelling bears and it is the only repellent spray registered with the EPA for all species of bear!


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Everyone should enjoy the great outdoors. Camping, getting fresh air and exercising outside is a great way for friends and families alike to bond. Most of the United States camping destinations can be enjoyed without the need for bringing animal repellents. Bug repellents, of course, are required, but many campers do not realize the need for bringing animal repellents.

Anyone venturing into wilderness inhabited by bears should carry them at all times without exception. There are a few brands of bear repellent available, but there is only one that I can personally testify to being the best and most effective. That spray is by Guard Alaska.

The way in which the bear repellent spray works is the same way that pepper spray works on people. Both products contain the ingredient capsicum. This is what makes peppers hot. It is also what stops attackers, whether they are human or they are bears. It works instantly when sprayed on the face causes a severe burning sensation. It also causes swelling around the eyes that leads to temporary blindness in some cases.

This can sound inhumane, but the sprays never leave any adverse effects on the attacker. When it comes to the bear, he will return to his old self that same day. Consider, too, that spraying him is much more humane than having to defend yourself using a firearm and killing the bear. Some studies have actually shown that sprays are even more effective than firearms.

That should sway you towards always having plenty of Guard Alaska on hand when you go on your next camping trip. You may feel safer travelling with spray versus a firearm, too, especially when camping with children.

Another great advantage to using the bear repellant spray is that it is safe for the environment. It contains no chemicals that are harmful to the ozone. This is great news for any outdoor lover as they can be confident of retaining the outdoors by using a spray -when needed - that will not do any harm to its beauty.

Do yourself and those you camp with a favor. Anytime you venture into an area that is populated by bears be sure to carry a bear repellent with you. Guard Alaska bear repellent spray is by far the best product to take with you and comes in a 9 ounce Super size with a range of 15 to 20 feet.


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