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Steel Batons

If you often find yourself in risky situations, you may want to invest in a Expandable steel baton. This is a great tool for self-defense because you can hit an attacker effectively from some distance. Criminals are well aware that this self-defense device can inflict quite a bit of pain, so if they see you with one they are likely to leave you alone.

The baton is made of three tube shaped steel shafts that fit one-inside-the-other. The smallest circumference tube is closest to the handle. The next largest is in the center, and the largest makes up the end of the telescoping shaft. This makes it easy to store and carry the baton, but when you need it to be full length, you can extend it.

When you extend the baton, it makes an impressive sound. Fully extended, it is an imposing weapon. Many would-be attackers will change their minds upon seeing it.

When extended, this baton makes a very effective impact weapon. It can be used for hitting, stabbing and blocking. It is also helpful when engaged in arm-lock performance.

To open it, you just need to brush your wrist quickly. The baton will open to its full size. There are three fully extended lengths to choose from: 16" - 21" or 26"

You would choose the right size for you depending on your size, strength and ability. If you are a smaller person, a smaller size is naturally better suited to you because it will be easier for you to control.

The longer type is more powerful, but it is also a bit harder to control. No matter what length of Telescopic Steel Baton you choose, though, you will be able to deliver some hurt to your attacker. It is very likely that you will be able to drive him away with one blow. If not, he's a fool.

In addition to striking blows with your baton, you can also block attacks. It's also handy for disabling an attacker and preventing his escape. If you are able to get in a good blow to the knees, you won't have any trouble detaining the attacker. If you have to deal with multiple attackers (e.g. mass demonstrators) this tool can come in very handy.

You needn't worry about causing alarm with this self-protection device. Because it is collapsible, it is discreet. You can carry it in your car or on your person without appearing to be threatening yourself.

A compact, discreet Expandable Steel Baton is a useful self-protection device you can carry with you wherever you go. It adds an extra layer of safety and protection when you venture forth at night. When you invest in this smart device, you greatly increase your chances of avoiding being a crime victim. Smart planning can help you stay safe in every circumstance.

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