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Dummy Cameras

There is no doubt about the fact that actual security cameras can be extremely useful in watching those who come and go and preventing crimes from occurring. It is worth noting, however, that dummy, or fake versions of those cameras can be similarly helpful in safeguarding all sorts of property.

This is not to say that actual security cameras have no role to play. In locations like filling stations or bank branches, fully functioning cameras are crucial. However, in residential or small business contexts, dummy cameras can serve as a cost-effective method of achieving security objectives.

Fundamentals of Dummy Cameras CCTV.

Perhaps you are among those without a great deal of existing knowledge about fake or dummy security cameras. The basic thing to realize is that they are not capable of recording movements, but are much less expensive than actual equipment used by spies and others.

A dummy camera might feature motion detectors, lights or zoom and tilt functionality complete with visible wiring. However, these aspects are designed to mimic actual cameras and help the equipment appear to be real. No recording systems are in place, and no activity will be captured. The overarching goal is to deceive would-be criminals into believing that their movements are being caught on video and stop them from continuing with their plans.

Available Options.

Some may assume that there is not much to think about in terms of selecting a dummy security camera on the Internet. They might believe that any fake set-up will do the job as intended. This is not really the case, however. Too many people waste money on dummy cameras which simply do not look real. Further, installing a dummy camera in an ill-advised location can negate its impact altogether. Thus, it is best to take some time to research the topic and how to get something that actually serves its purpose.

It makes good sense to buy a camera that has flashing light capability. Motion sensors, heat sensors and LED functionality can all combine to create an effective deterrent to a criminal who does not wish to be seen.

Choosing Installation Sites.

If your goal is to protect a small commercial property, you might want to place dummy cameras close to the building itself. That way, any prospective burglar will be confronted with a sense of real risk if he or she is thinking of intruding.

Owners of warehouse properties can also benefit from dummy cameras, and installing them at multiple locations around the facility may be the best way to obtain optimal protection. A single camera might have minimal effect, but several which are visible at all entry points will certainly give criminals pause.

Another effective technique is to combine dummy cameras with dome cameras. The real security cameras could be placed in such a way as to record the most vulnerable access points to the property. Dummy versions could be installed in areas where their deterrent effects would be most valuable, such as hallways, parking areas and the like.

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