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Diversion Safe ideas

A broad array of household diversion safes ideas are available on the market these days, providing real protection to your most valuable belongings. Some of them are made to resemble cleaning products, beverage containers and even items of food. It is also possible to find versions that look like potted plants or even books.

Diversion safes really do appear to be the real deal, and even incorporate actual corporate branding to enhance their credibility. Some styles have removable tops, others are accessible from the bottom. Once valuables are placed within the safe, the lid can be replaced and the safe located in the desired spot.

Typical home intruders spend just 10 minutes inside a residence. He or she will be focused on quickly identifying things they can immediately spirit away. It is unlikely that a thief will take the time to closely examine what appears to be a bottle of household cleanser or peruse all of the books that line a shelf. Rather, a burglar will dig through dresser drawers, look inside closets and explore other places where valuables could be found.

Diversion safes can be great places to store spare car keys. That way, if a burglar enters the home, they will not easily be able to take a vehicle with them when they leave. Cash, jewelry and other small items of value can be stashed inside these safes as well.

Keep in mind that a diversion safe is specially designed to blend into its surroundings. Thus, if your safe looks like a can of toilet cleaner, it will likely look out of place in a home office. The purpose of the diversion is therefore defeated. Instead, it is far more effective to store a safe of this type among other household products, where it would be less likely to attract attention and scrutiny.

Diversion safes are extremely convenient because they require little effort or advance planning, and can keep smaller valuables from being noticed by thieves. Amazingly, keeping such items essentially out in the open, yet brilliantly camouflaged, can be the very best protection of all.

Keep in mind that the entire purpose of a diversion safe is to hide it in plain sight. Use your imagination and you will see some incredible ideas from the Wall clock to the electrical outlet and let’s not for forget a simple coffee mug.

Open up your cupboard, look in your garage, check out under your sink and think to yourself what kind of diversion safe do I need to hide right here! I guarantee you that you will find the perfect choice.

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