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Diversion safe in trunk


Diversion safes are a great way to hide your valuables in plain sight. From house hold items to food products, you can find a diversion safe that will meet your need. My favorites are Diversion safes for car or garage, like a can of oil or Gunk engine cleaner.

Have you ever tried to find a safe place to keep a spare of keys in your garage or even a stun gun? Well how about a can of Gunk or some liquid wrench. These items and so many more can be found as diversion safes for you to use.

Think about this. Your son or daughter is old enough to walk home from school alone but they don’t want to carry any keys to school. You decide that if they can get thru the garage door, only a 4-digit code, then all you have to do is leave a key in the garage. So are you going to leave it in place sight for anyone to find? No of course not. You pick out a Diversion safe that is easily recognizable of an item that you would find in any garage. Bingo, you pick out the Liquid Wrench can and you set.

Remember that a Diversion can safe is only as good as placement. If for instance you decide to use a Can of Oil diversion can, but place it in the middle of your bedroom, you will only be drawing attention to it. That can of oil belongs in the back of your car, if you care is as old as mine and drinks oil like I drink water, or in your garage on the shelf with the rest of the oil cans.

A person that is going to break into your home only spends on average a max of 10 minutes looking for your loot. Be smart and turn the odds in your favor, get a Diversion safe that meets your needs and will protect you for an unexpected intruder.

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