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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Hidden cameras for business owners

    As a business owner you work very hard to make your business successful.  You work long hours and often don't take anytime for yourself.  Eventually you bring people on board that you hope you can trust to do the right thing but sometimes good people make bad choices.  Before that happens, you need to be prepared and think about installing hidden cameras.

    As a long time retail professional with over 30-year experience, I  have dealt with too many employees over the years to count and I know one unmistakable fact.  Employees find themselves in situations that test their integrity and sometimes cause them to do things they would not normally do. I am a firm believer that people, by nature are not bad people but circumstances force people into bad situations.  Hidden cameras will help you manage the things you sometimes can't control.

    So what is available out there? There are so many different types of hidden cameras to choose from , but I am going to talk about a only a few.  I am going to focus on a two devices that require very little installation "know how".  The 2 devices are PIR and Smoke Detector cameras.  Both are fully self-contained devices that all you have to do plug and play.   When you think of hidden cameras, they don't need to require deep thought about how to use them, you simply need to be able to run some wire and plug the cameras in.  I realize I may be simplifying the process and I would be more than willing to answer any questions that me be out there.  Both of the cameras I mention are easy installs that you would simply mount above your register or area that you are trying to monitor.

    Any questions that you may have, feel free to post a response and I would be happy to help you however I can. Hidden Cameras are a great tool in managing your business and ensure that what you think is happening is.




  • Diversion Safes can save the day

    Have you ever considered the different ways you can protect your valuables whether at home or when you travel?  As a person who travels extensively, I often think of how I can make sure that the things I hold most dear are safe. Whether at home or away, I have found that Diversion Safes are a great resource to protect my valuable.

    At Home I worry about the little things.  My Great Great Grandmothers jewelry that has been passed down for generations as well as the other valuables, that if taken would be a great loss.  So how do you protect them if you don't have the means to purchase a big safe?  Diversion safes are the inexpensive answer.  I started looking and found a wide variety to choose from. From books with a hidden safe to Soda cans, not to mention the various other household items that you would never suspect.  After much consideration, I picked a wall clock that I could use in my den and that no one would ever suspect.

    So what about when you travel?  I don't know about you, but I am one of those travelers that doesn't feel comfortable leaving anything in my hotel room.  I am sure that most of the staff that cleans  the rooms are hardworking and trust worthy, but it only takes one.  You don't want to leave things in your rental car, so you are forced to leave them behind in your room and hope for the best.  You hide things in your cloths, dirty Laundry or some other secret spot, never knowing if it will be there when you return.  Again I went and searched through the Diversion Safes and found the perfect safe.  Can you guess which one I picked?  Nope?  well I figured that one of the most common things any traveler might have would be shaving cream, and yes I found a safe that looks like my standard can of shaving cream.  Imagine that!

    Diversion Safes are a great inexpensive way to protect your valuable and not a bad gift if you are looking for that one thing, for the person who has everything.  I for one now feel much better knowing that the odds are on my side.

  • Protect yourself with a Dashboard Cam...

    "Dashboard Cameras" are becoming a common piece of equipment in many vehicles. When we are driving on the roads, thousands of these cameras are constantly recording almost every move that we make. Every aspect of our daily commutes can possibly be recorded and because of that, we must be more careful and vigilant than ever on the roads. We have all seen the viral videos. Smack, another deer hits a windshield, a meteor streaks across the sky  and of course, the slippery icy road with the jack-knifed tractor trailer.

    Dashboard Cameras catch many things on tape, but not only do they collect a series of viral video highlights, they can also catch things on camera that can save you a lot of headaches with insurance companies and even protect you from litigation in case of road rage incidents. Some may even argue that a" Dashboard Cam" may even help in protecting intruders or vandals on your property if they are caught in the act while the camera is rolling.

    Car accidents are often "He Said/She Said" incidents where there are two sides to every story and then the actual truth. The 'Dashboard Cam" can eliminate the confusion. In the case of insurance fraud, where someone may purposely walk into your vehicle, a "Dashboard Cam" will eliminate any confusion of how an incident occurred.

    The "Dashboard Cam" that I recommend is the "Mini DVR Car Dash Camera"

     This machine has many features such as :

    (1) Built-in double lens can be used to take two images at front and back at the same time;

    (2) Newly added GPS module can record the whole driving track. Using specialized software, you can see the video at computer, at the same time connect Google map through the Internet. Driving track shows on the map and you can trace the running route of the vehicle.

    (3) Built-in gravity sensor G-Sensor can record the gravity sensing information. Using specialized software, you can see the video at computer, at the same time read the gravity sensing data to trace accident and abnormal circumstance occurred in the running process

    Includes: Car DVR, Car charger W/GPS module, vehicle mount, and manual.

  • Running with My Wildfire Pepper Spray

    I don't know about you but for me a long run after a hard day's work is just what the doctor ordered.  No matter where I am I like to go and see the sites, but sometimes I find myself in areas that I don't feel the safest.  Last night was one of those and I am grateful I had my Wildfire Pepper spray with me.

    As I said before I like to run after a long day and so when finished up I headed to my hotel to grab my running gear and check out with the hotel clerk about any good running paths.  Most hotels do have some recommended paths that they feel are safer for their visitors and the hotel I was at was no different.  I grabbed the route and picked a quick 5-mile route and was off.  The route was going to take me through the city and then off into some residential areas, around some lakes and looked like a great run.  Around mile 3 I entered a nice area covered is a beautiful tree canopy, the kind you see in movies.  It had already gotten dark since the time change, so I was a little cautious since the tress were covering a lot of the street lights.  As I ran I was admiring the great holiday lights and failed to see 2 guys lurking in the dark further down the path I was on.  I don't know what it was but for some reason I reached around and grabbed my Wildfire Pepper Spray off my running belt.  Maybe it was my Spidey senses, but I am thankful I did.  Just as I got to where the 2 guys were at, one jumped in front of me stopping me in my path while the other went after my running belt with a knife.  I am sure they were hoping for a pot of gold, but instead got a peppery treat.  Within seconds the tide was turned and I was able to spray both guys and get away.

    It's funny, I never had considered running with anything to protect me.  As a big guy, you think you can handle anything.  However, I am grateful for a good friend who was thoughtful and bought me my Wildfire Pepper Spray from 1st Discount Safety.  It was saved me last night and you can bet that I will be running with it every time I go out.

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