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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • Saved my life....

    My wife had always worried about me driving long distances and left me a few items to ensure my safe return from traveling long distances for work each week. One was a "Nap Alarm" and the other a "Safety Tool". The first item literally saved my life.

    It was a long day of work and I should have just pulled into the nearest hotel, grabbed a bite to eat and settled in for the night. Instead, I decided to get closer to my destination for the next day so I would not have to travel too long in the morning. The traffic was light and I was feeling great for about 50 miles and it was then that everything became blurry. I thought I was wide awake, but the trees and highway lights lulled me into a trance and before I knew it, I was barely awake. My eyes were heavy and hard to keep open, but I only had a few miles. Suddenly I swerved a bit and my "Nap Alarm" saved my life. It shrilled and woke me up immediately. My grip tightened on the steering wheel and I was headed for the next exit for a good night's rest.

    The "Nap alarm" is positioned on your neck and if you begin to nod off or your head tilts in an unusual way like when you fall asleep, you will be jolted awake. I will forever be thankful for this gift and will always wear it when driving.



  • Are you ready for Shopping at the Malls?

    Can you Believe that we are already on the verge of another holiday shopping season?  In a very short time hordes of people will be flocking to the Malls for their annual rush to get the best deal.  Store are opening earlier and earlier to make that extra buck.  Honestly I just don't get it!

    Unfortunately, with all the holiday shoppers there will be those that are out to take advantage of people.  They will be looking for the shoppers for example, who take their purchases out to their cars so they can drop them off and go back for more.  As soon as the shopper is back in the mall BAM, they will break in and steal what they can.  Situations like this can be avoided but if you absolutely must drop something in your car make sure it is in the trunk.

    But what about the things that just happen?  The things, that as aware of your surrounding that you may be, you find yourself in a situation that places you or your family in harm's way?  Have you thought about what simple measures you can take to provide some safety?

    I remember an incident once, that a college student was walking back to the campus from the Mall and found herself in predicament.  Luckily, her father, one of those protective sorts, had insisted that she always carry her Wild Fire Pepper Spray Key chain as well Stun master LIL guy Pink stun gun in her purse.  She always complained but carried them just to make her father happy.  Well this night she was grateful, because when the person approached and tried to assault her, she quickly pulled out the first thing in reach and before she knew it had Stun master LIL guy stun gun in hands and on.  A press of the button and criminal heard the Stun gun go off and ran away.  You can bet that she called her Dad and thanked him for insisting on being prepared.

    This holiday season you can never be to prepared.  Take time to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe.

    Have a wonderful and most importantly SAFE Holiday season......

  • Curiosity may be reason enough?

    Did you ever wonder whether using a “Nanny-Camera/Hidden Camera” is legal? The answer may be surprising to many, but it is legal in all 50 states if they are placed in areas that a people may expect there to be surveillance. However, in 13 states, it is prohibited to place hidden cameras in private spaces where an individual may expect privacy.

    To many, it is not a question of legality, but the feeling of curiosity that wins out in the end when it comes to the decision of using a “Nanny Cam/Hidden Camera”. What happens in the home or the work place when we are away is a complete mystery that can be solved with the placement of one or multiple cameras. It is up to the person who is placing these cameras in the dwelling as whether to inform the occupants or place them in secrecy.

     Many people use the “Nanny Cam” when they hire a babysitter or caretaker for their child or loved ones and want to see what is happening during the time they are away. The internet is littered with stories of abuse that would have otherwise gone un-noticed if it were not for a “Nanny-Camera/Hidden Camera”. These could be both physical and mental abuses that can easily be stopped before any permanent damage is done. It may even be a good idea to let the person in charge of your loved one sign a document stating that they are aware of the presence of cameras. This in itself will be a deterrent for them causing any harm to your loved ones when you are away.

     In the work place, the “Nanny-Cam/Hidden Camera” can prevent shortages and even protect the employees of business during questionable situations. As in the case of a hidden camera in the home, it may be a good idea to let all employees and customers know that there is a camera on premises. The temptation of a robbery or an employee may be eliminated with a well-placed unit.

     In any case, the safety and wellbeing of our loved ones and protection against any harm or wrong doing may be prevented with the proper placement of a “Nanny Camera/Hidden Camera”.

  • Home protection

    Have you noticed the increased amount of home invasions in what used to be quiet neighborhoods?  I was sitting on my porch enjoying my cup of coffee and realized how easy it would be to break into my home.  Living with my back to a preserve, no one would see anyone from the back breaking in.  I decided to do something about it and started looking for cameras for my home.  As I started to look, I realized that I don't need to have live cameras surrounding my home but could probably use some dummy cameras in places to give the impression of security.  WOW in a short time I had what I needed and quickly installed them along with the DVR I had also found.  I would say about a week later I was talking to my neighbor, who was telling me about a break-in he had heard about.  It happened only 3 blocks from my home so I decided to go back and review the dvr for that day.  You wouldn't believe what I saw.  2 guys were walking around my home and when they looked up and saw the cameras they quickly ran away.  I was then and am now very happy with what I put up and I am positive it saved me from being a victim of crime.

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