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Bear Repellents

Bear Repellent Spray

What do you need if you come in contact with a Bear? Bear Repellent spray!

The bear population in many states is increasing; in some places there are nearly as many bears as humans. While this may be a good thing in some respects, it also means there is a much higher chance of human - bear interaction. There are thousands of recorded instances where bears have ambled into backyards, scared employees, and closed schools.

Male bears are more likely to roam than females, occasionally walking as far as 100 miles to find food. Yearling bears, being young and fearless, are the most likely to get into trouble. Many a young bear has been stuck in a fence or trapped inside a deserted building. To be sure, young bears can be quite dangerous if provoked and humans should be very careful to keep a large distance away from them. As it has been mentioned, bears will walk as far as 100 miles to find food. The smell of your morning bacon frying, a family barbeque, an open cooler, or a garbage can could be very tempting to a hungry bear. In populated areas, when bears find food they often lose their fear of people and can become very dangerous beasts.

If the area you live in is often visited by bears, then it would be a good idea to keep your garbage stowed in bear-resistant bins, or in your garage. When you are camping store all food in a cooler, and at night put the cooler in the trunk of your car or hang it from a tall limb of a tree. During the day keep the cooler lids closed when you are not actively getting into them. At home, especially during the spring (when bears wake up from hibernating for the winter), put away any possible food source for the night, such as bird feeders and pet food. If you have chickens or any type of livestock be sure to have them securely fenced in.

If you are going hiking or camping don’t forget to ask the local authorities about the possibility of bears being present. In most areas where bears are common the national and state parks will require you to have a bear repellant, such as pepper spray. Bear repellant is much more effective than a gun, and it does no lasting damage to the bear. Most people do not own a firearm that would be able to kill a bear. Shooting a bear with a less effective firearm will enrage the bear and thus make him very dangerous. Many, many times it has been proven that bear spray is the best defense against bears.

Bear repellent spray is completely environmentally friendly. It has been registered by the EPA as a potent repellent that can be used against any species of bear. Tom Smith, a wildlife biologist, stated that using pepper spray is much more effective than using a firearm. He also remarked that when a person uses pepper spray they are teaching the bear to keep it’s distance from humans.

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