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Animal Repellents

Did you know that animal repellent devices are available in more flavors than average ice cream? There are repellents for possums, raccoons, bears, cats, rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, chipmunks, and even deer amongst others. All of these repellents do serve a purpose, but the question is how important are they? Bear spray is certainly one of the most important repellents ever to exist but is only practical if you actually are going to visit an area where bears are in plenty. As such, this repellent is only important to you if you are an avid hiker or camper; for this reason, bear repellent has no importance to most people.

With that being said, if you camp on a frequent basis, consider picking for yourself a can of Guard Alaska bear repellent spray before heading into the wilderness. The other animal repellents listed before are important but are not that important. Keeping raccoons out of your trash bins and ensuring that your garden is looking nice is all great; however, it is not as important as keeping yourself safe from the jaws of wild Pitbull dogs. For this reason, in our honest opinion, there are not as many animal repellents that are as important as a good old-fashioned electronic dog repellent. There is no device more important than any that will keep you from potentially dying an excruciatingly painful death.

One thing that’s unique about electronic dog repellers is that these devices can be extremely effective. And the good thing is that the device is humane to the animal. Nonetheless, this does not give us the authority to go around firing off the electronic repeller at each and every dog we come across just because we want to preemptively protect ourselves.

The electronic dog repeller works by simply flashing super-bright strobes of light that confuse and deter the canine. At the same time, it emits a super-high decibel alarm that is so high that the human ear cannot hear but which is audible to the dog. The sound is very high that it makes the animal uncomfortable enough to choose to walk away before it can even get enough to consider attacking – usually about 40 feet.

It is important to note that while these electronic repellers are effective – as effective as most non-lethal devices – from that range, they still aren’t 100% effective. As such, it would be better for you if you do not find yourself in situations where you need one in the first place.

Electronic dog repellers need to be carried and used just in events where they are necessary. As a fairly ardent runner myself, I have not gone out on a morning run around my neighborhood without one in my pocket for months. It is not that I am overly concerned that I’ll probably need to use one, but the main reason is that there are several dogs around where I live that I believe have questionable intentions; as such, I feel much better knowing that I have one on me. As a runner, I strongly suggest and advice that any other runners consider having these repellers or Pepper Spray on them to stay safe and have peace of mind while out running.

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