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Professional Cameras

When you begin to look for professional CCTV cameras many people do not know what they are looking for. Are you looking for a small compact fixed camera or a covert camera which can be hidden from site and allow you to what your business discreetly?

There are many types of cameras which are in the market and you will find many here. From our Hidden cameras to the ones below all you need to understand is what are you attempting to see.

If you are attempting to cover a broad area with a camera that is visible, the HD weather proof bullet camera is a perfect choice. You can mount it inside or out and it will allow you to see 135 feet in the dark using night vision. This camera is great for areas that you would like to provide extra security for even when you are not present. For instance, in a bank, vault, Jewlery store or your loading areas.

Don't forget that the quality of the camera only goes as far as the quality of your recording device. These are HD cameras and require a solid recording device with ample storage space to allow you to capture what you are looking for. How many times have you seen on TV, a picture in which Law enforcement is attempting to Identify someone and it is grainy? The cause can be either the camera or the DVR. Typically, what happens is the business owner buys a solid camera but does not invest in the DVR, or vice versa.

The other option that you have would be the high resolution CMOS compact camera in which you can install it in ways which will allow you to covertly watch an area like your cash drawer. If you suspect someone is stealing from you, you can use this camera and with a little ingenuity, mount it in such a way which will allow you to see everything you need. One word of Caution, don't get caught mounting it in places that may be considered private areas without getting legal advice.

If you do not see what you are looking for on this page or in Hidden cameras pages, please let us know so we can help.

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