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Multi-Power Supplies

When installing your surveillance system, you must supply your system with power. This is often more involved than simply plugging a power supply into an outlet. There are several types of CCTV multi power supplies. The following information discusses the features that are available.

Single Port Versus Multiple Port

You must determine whether you want a single port power adapter for each security camera or whether you want to use a multiple port power adapter that provides power to all of your cameras. If your surveillance system is comprised of only two or three cameras, you may wish to use a single power adapter for each of your surveillance cameras. In fact, you can use single power adapters and a power strip to easily supply power for up to four security cameras.

If you want a neat and clean installation, you may want to consider installing a single power box to supply the power to all of the cameras in your security system. This is especially important if you have numerous cameras. However, the choice depends on your power requirements and your aesthetic preferences.

AC Versus DC Power Supplies

Most security cameras are powered by 24-volt AC power supplies. Over the last 10 years, cameras have become more compact and covert. This has led to a number of security cameras using a 12-volt DC power supply. No matter the system you choose, both are regulated as low voltage, which allows for greater flexibility during installation.

12-Volt DC Powered Cameras

12-volt DC powered security cameras do not require a rectifier and leave a smaller carbon footprint than their counterparts. In the beginning, this power supply option was used for covert surveillance usage; however, it has become more and more popular for larger mounted security cameras. This choice should be limited to shorter power cable runs. 12-volt DC power boxes often cost more than 24-volt AC power boxes.

24-Volt AC Powered Cameras

The 24-volt power supplies can be used for multi-port and single port applications. These units typically cost less, especially for multiple port units. This is because the amount of components needed in an AC power supply is less than that needed in a DC power supply. Another advantage to AC power supplies is the ability to run the power signal over a great distance without degradation.

Recently, most surveillance cameras are requiring 12-volt DC power supplies, which is why we have provided plenty of information on this type . If decide to use a  cctv multi power supplies, verify you are using the correct type before you plug everything in.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us for answers.

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